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The Yarsim Empire,
Dark Emperor Orib

An evil, villainous race of conquering aliens from across the galaxy, the Yarsim Empire has it's sights set on Earth. A typical Yarsim invasion starts with probes manned by a smaller, more intelligent sub-species, commonly known to humans as 'grays', which is then followed by the landing of an assault craft with between 5 to 8 Yarsim Warlords.

The Yarsims see all species different from themselves as unworthy of living, and practice cloning to ensure a stable and continuous warrior army. Yarsim physiology is somewhat similar to other bipedal species, except for three fingers and the ability to discharge energy through their hands and foreheads.

First Appearance of the Grays: Issue #24
First Appearance of the Yarsims: Issue #39

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