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Ultima's real name is Jonathon. What is known of his past is that he was a child when he was struck by lightning and he gained powers from this lightning strike much like Ultra's. During his youth, he accidentally killed his father and filled with rage and guilt left his family. He spent the rest of his youth in the far east, studying philosophy and the martial arts. During his tutelage, he came upon the the conclusion that he is the messiah. As his powers are the same as Ultra's, he has honed them to a level far beyond Ultra's, up to precision point telekinesis.

Ultima has created his own island and has taken as citizens of his new land any refugees willing to worship him. Since then, Ultima has been apprenhended by a joint military effort and was under the watchful guard of General Mason. However, that all's changed in the wake of the Yarsim attack, when Ultima was given a full pardon and released in hopes of defeating the alien invaders.

First Appearance: Issue #4
Capture: Issue #30
Release: Issue #40

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